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The 2007 Dodge Demon Roadster Concept: A Sporty Two-Seat Roadster

The 2007 Dodge Demon Roadster Concept: A Sporty Two-Seat Roadster​

Explore the Design and Features of the 2007 Dodge Demon Roadster Concept...​


The Dodge Demon nameplate has been used in the past 50 years in the Dodge lineup. The Demon was a two-door performance coupe that offered sporty looks and well-rounded performance at a budget price, introduced in 1971. The compact Demon lasted for only two model years in the United States, before being renamed the “Dart Sport” after criticisms from Christian groups about the car’s name and pitchfork-welding devil logo. The Demon name wouldn’t be used again until 2007, for a very unique concept car that almost looked like it was ready for production.



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Nov 22, 2022
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The Dodge project which was somewhat handed over to Alfa Romeo..and then Fiat because they didn't want Alfas made outside of Italy.

bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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As a Crossfire owner, it is clear that this was a Crossfire donor based concept.
That speculated, could anyone doubt that Dodge would benefit from a sporty compact coupe/convertible based off a STLA Small platform. It could be turbo 4 and electric powered and fit perfectly into the Dodge portfolio. Dodge was on the right track here and it takes little imagination to realize something small, sporty and high tech would be a winner for Dodge. Am I right or am I right?

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