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Stellantis South America Looking To Align With Chinese BYD

Stellantis South America Looking To Align With Chinese BYD​

Could Benefit Future Fiat And Jeep® EVs...​


In a move poised to reshape the landscape of the automotive industry in Northeast Brazil, Stellantis is reportedly in talks to establish a strategic alliance with Chinese electric car manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) Auto. The proposed collaboration aims to fortify the regional automotive sector, foster economic growth, and propel sustainable mobility initiatives in the country. While the partnership is yet to be officially confirmed, insiders suggest that this potential synergy could usher in a new era of electrification driven by BYD’s expertise in EVs.

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Jun 27, 2018
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BYD is originally a Battery Company that began to make Knock of cars much like Chery for ICE cars. Build Yourown Dreams was marketing scheme added later. They still seem most likely are Frankenstien creation of other corporate IP, but have come a long way from the small Volvo knock offs. They seem to do quite well in their home market seem neck and neck with Tesla but with more variety.

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