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Stellantis Signs Binding Agreement To Acquire Equal Stake In Symbio!

Stellantis Signs Binding Agreement To Acquire Equal Stake In Symbio!​

A Leader In Zero-Emission Hydrogen Mobility...​


Stellantis, Faurecia, and Michelin have announced a significant agreement for Stellantis to acquire a 33.3% stake in Symbio, a leading company in zero-emission hydrogen mobility. This move is substantial in decarbonizing the mobility industry and highlights Symbio’s expertise in hydrogen fuel cell innovations. In addition, the involvement of Stellantis as a shareholder will enhance Symbio’s growth in Europe and the United States.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, stated that acquiring an equal stake in Symbio will strengthen its position in hydrogen-powered vehicles, complementing its expanding portfolio of battery-electric cars. In addition, Tavares emphasized the importance of hydrogen fuel cells in their Dare Forward 2030 plan to combat global warming and achieve carbon neutrality by 2038.


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