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Stellantis Gets Patent For A “Vehicle Power Supply Backup”!

Stellantis Gets Patent For A “Vehicle Power Supply Backup”!​

Could This New Patent Help Range Or Enhance Performance?​


While running through patent filings, MoparInsiders noticed that Stellantis (FCA US LLC) was recently issued an interesting patent for a “Vehicle Power Supply Backup”. This patent was relatively simple, but it could also have several benefits as a system. While I’m not personally a big electric vehicle (EV) fan, the systems are fascinating and the technology that is coming is going to be surprising in the not-so-distant future.


bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Call me a skeptic, or a denier, but this all in thinking on electric is a road to nowhere. The electric generation capability is not there, the transmission grid is not there and for most people, the nightly charging ritual commitment will never be there. I say hold the horses and get real, electric IS a choice for some, the vocal environmentalists perhaps, but for the masses, regular folks, internal combustion is their choice now, and into the future. I’m not caught up in this hype and those going full blast on electric are once again following a fools path to failure. People, most people, do not want this all electric future, not in 2030, not ever. Objective minds recognize that some people choose to hug trees and others hug Hemi Challengers. Hold the horses !
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