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SPOTTED: 2024 Dodge Rampage R/T Caught Without Camouflage


In an exciting turn of events, a video of the highly anticipated 2024 Ram Rampage in its R/T trim has surfaced on Instagram. Captured in an underground parking lot in Brazil, the footage offers a glimpse of the compact pickup’s sleek design and striking features. With its glossy black accents reminiscent of the Ram 1500 … (read full article...)
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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Just got back from a couple of weeks in Italy and few would be surprised I was doing much cars observations between doing the sites. My biggest impression is how the small and mini sized cars totally dominate the market, in particular those Jeep Renegades are everywhere and the decision by Jeep and Alfa Romeo to introduce even smaller SUVs makes perfect sense in a global market. The compact Ram Rampage would do well in this market and I bet it goes to Europe ensuring a strong manufacturing incentive in Mexico for export models.
Based on my short look, in Italy anyway, folks like Jeeps so why not Rams?

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