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SPOTTED: 2024 Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Launch Editions

SPOTTED: 2024 Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Launch Editions​

Both Colors and Both Variants Caught On Public Roads...​


Italian carmaker Abarth is set to make waves in the city car segment with the launch of its new fully-electric Abarth 500e. The latest iteration of the iconic Cinquecento comes with an e-motor that powers its front wheels, delivering 155 horsepower and 173 lb.-ft. of torque, an increase of 38 horsepower and 11 lb.-ft. over the standard 500e. The Abarth 500e can reach 0 to 62 mph in 7 seconds, two seconds quicker than the Cinquecento battery-electric vehicle (BEV), but 0.3 of a second slower than the current turbocharged Abarth 695.


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