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SOLD: 1953 Chrysler Special by Ghia Goes For $500,000 At RM Sotheby’s Auction


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Apr 21, 2018
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Metro Detroit

SOLD: 1953 Chrysler Special by Ghia Goes For $500,000 At RM Sotheby’s Auction​

One Of Just Nineteen Ever Built By The Famed Italian Coachbuilder...​


One of the first Chrysler show cars designed by famed automotive designer Virgil Exner and built by Italian coachbuilder Ghia, the appropriately named Chrysler Special was first exhibited at the Paris Salon in October 1952. Built on a New Yorker chassis that was shortened by 6 inches, it featured unusually radiused wheel arches that extended almost to the top of the fenders, smooth sides that flowed from bumper to bumper with only a small “kick” in the rear fender curve, rounded headlights, and a broad chromed trapezoidal grille.


bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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What a stunning example of Chrysler’s unique place in automotive tradition. Chrysler deserves respect and deference as a brand of true elegance, performance and innovation. Sadly, over the years, sometimes consciously, sometimes by circumstance, the powers in charge have squandered the.brand with mediocre examples that have now reduced a legend to one lowly minivan. That is an automotive crime and it needs restitution with great product. The gods of automotive deity demand it and those who remain loyal to Chrysler deserve it.
One look at this magnificent work of automotive art, of Chrysler art, should engage the current leadership at Chrysler to do great things. What special things might have been and what was lost in decades of neglect is sad. Can Chrysler regain its place in the automotive world? Not with minivans and uninspired cookie cutter products like the bland Airflow concept. This Classic beauty should be an example to follow, to create around, to revitalize the brand. Just look and see your duty clearly, bask in true beauty and create a Chrysler, not just a car.

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