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RUMORS: Next-Generation Jeep® Cherokee Will Spawn A Wagoneer Model!

RUMORS: Next-Generation Jeep® Cherokee Will Spawn A Wagoneer Model!​

Wagoneer Sub-Brand Could Grow Even More By Middle Of Decade...​


Last year, the Jeep® brand re-introduced the Wagoneer nameplate to the market not only as a trim-level for its premium full-size SUVs offerings but as a sub-brand. A lot of people, including ourselves, thought it was a strange idea to offer a premium sub-brand of one of the best-known global nameplates in the world. Especially one that already offers premium offerings elsewhere in its lineup.



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Jun 7, 2018
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I know the Wagoneer as “Sub-Brand” (I believe Sergio or Manley discussed this back in 2018) but will this extra STLA Large model serve as the Jeep’s “Flagship” in Europe and(potentially ) other International markets?
Thank You!

bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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The Cherokee has carved out a solid niche in the SUV market but it’s next generation needs to do more than a refresh to correct its slow slide in sales.
I believe that going to the Stellantis large platform will produce a more capable, spacious rear wheel drive SUV with electric possibilities. Certainly staying with the current layout or attempting to create a FWD small Wagoneer misses the needed reinvention goal completely and would clearly miss the standards needed to be a Wagoneer.
Cherokee must be a shortened two row Grand Cherokee.
Wagoneer Small might be a three row luxury Grand Cherokee spinoff.
Two Jeeps properly designed one to reinvent, one to expand a line.


May 7, 2018
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After just getting back from our first roadtrip since 2020 in the Jeep, I am really hoping that KM has a hybrid and/or 4xe option. Having said that, we'll be keeping my KL for a while, but I'd love to trade the Prius in on a hybrid Jeep, or even go down to one vehicle since working from home will be the official norm for me.

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