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Regular Car Reviews - Dodge Caliber:


May 7, 2018
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I found the seat comfortable in mine (even after driving around the city all day), I never got it stuck in the winter, and it was very practical, but I agree with most of what he said.

The engine was noisy and awful. I bought the 5-speed for obvious reasons after driving a CVT. Having said that, it needed a 6th speed for highway use, as it droned on the highway bad. My MPGs weren't as bad as the one in this video though.

Also, the headlight issues at the end of the video happened to mine too, I literally had to do the same wiring fix on mine at the end. I had to replace the front subframe too as mine was too good to be replaced under the extended warranty.

Having said all that, I do miss it some days, but after 11+ years it had less rattles and squeaks than the 5 year old Prius we own now.

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