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Ram and Jeep® Earn Top Honors At 2023 Texas Truck Rodeo

Ram and Jeep® clinched multiple top honors at the prestigious Texas Truck Rodeo, hosted by the Texas Automotive Writers Association (TAWA). Stellantis brands emerged as the frontrunners, securing an impressive nine awards, the highest tally among all manufacturers at the event. Ram, in particular, showcased its dominance by securing several consecutive awards, notably the coveted … (read full article...)

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Dec 23, 2018
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It's great to see all these honors, but when is Jeep going to release the new Wagoneer S and Cherokee KM replacement? They've just been lacking with models in the segments that are most popular. I don't want an underpowered Grand Cherokee with the Pentastar or 4xe model.

The KM model isn't coming into production until 2025 from what's been said (I won't be holding out for it), so that leaves the Wagoneer S (or whatever they've decided to name it), which is supposed to hit the market next year. With the Dodge Charger production STLA Large frames hitting the internet with transmission tunnels, I have a feeling the "Wagoneer S" will end up the same way. I never believed it would be BEV only, as they haven't been profitable for anyone except Tesla and Stellantis has too many modern powertrains that would make their models more feasible.

As a model under the Wagoneer sub-brand, this would be more of a rival to the Range Rover Sport/Velar, so the new I6 engines would come into play. They said the KM replacement is going to be the mainstream (RAV4, CR-V, Equinox, etc.) competitor, so the Wagoneer model would definitely have to take up the luxury compact/midsize segment. If they use a mild hybrid, as well as 4xe and BEV variants, I see it being far more successful.

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