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Pro Stock Champ Allen Johnson Will Drive Geoff Turk’s Blackbird Challenger

Mopar drag racing fans are in for a treat as Allen Johnson, the celebrated 2012 NHRA Pro Stock World Champion, gears up to make a remarkable comeback. In an exciting turn of events, Johnson has been named the new driver for Geoff Turk’s Factory X Dodge Challenger entry, the awe-inspiring Blackbird X. This announcement has … (read full article...)

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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AJ must be admired for his loyalty to Mopar. I choose to be a Mopar guy, no matter what, in the face of some peer group pressure, but I never waiver. Not sure if factory X is taking the factory stock class down the same rabbit hole that ruined Pro Stock and NASCAR for that matter by creating non stock, stock cars. The shinning example is Funny Car, a totally irrelevant class today that has taken what was a stock appearing car, powered by a brand matching engine into something from Star Wars The Pro classes are now like Pro Wrestling, a staged show. So sad.
It is true, the inability of Ford and Chevy to compete against the Mopar Hemi led to all Funny Cars, regardless of brand, being powered by Mopar engines. The current bodies have little resemblance to the cars they are suppose to be and fans generally have lost interest. I worry this new class will destroy any semblance of stock derived cars into another Pro Stock debacle that no one follows anymore. NASCAR, NHRA ....they never learn.

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