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ordering 22 1500 laramie Issue with level packages ! someone from a dealership help!


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Nov 30, 2021
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Ok, So I just went to my dealer and sat down and ordered a 22 Laramie night edition 1500.

From what I am gathering, the new packages for a 2022 Laramie are Level A (A76) and Level B (A77). (see Semiconductor Chip Shortage Causes Ram To Repackage Some Options: )

The Level 1 (A66) and Level 2 (A67) are gone and renamed due to the semiconductor shortage. The A and B basically remove some features such as the Blind Spot Monitoring and the wireless charging pad from the 1 and 2 and then are renamed A and B. So here is the issue.. Online and everywhere I am looking, the A and B are now in full force the only way to order. There are guys in this very forum who ordered a level 2 in june/july who are still waiting because the parts for things are just not available. When my dealer did the order with me sitting right there, they had NO option for a Level A or B, just level 1 and 2. I can confirm the level 2 because my sheet shows it and says A67 which is the level 2 with the blind spot and wireless pad etc. Now I have made my peace with not getting those features and thats fine, but it appears the order is for the old package which will put me in line behind guys who have already been waiting for 6+ months. I called RamCares and they told me the dealer is who to contact and the dealer said they can only order what is on their screen. How can they promote a package on their own website, and then a dealer does not have the ability to order it ? Will i just end up in the back of the 6 month line? Or will they just build it with the Level B package and ship ? I would rather lose those 2 features and get the truck in 2 months vs wait for possibly 6-9 months or more. Id love someone in the know to give me a heads up on this.

thanks !

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