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Maserati Could Show Off It’s 2023 MC20 Cabrio Super Sportscar On May 25th!

Maserati Could Show Off It’s 2023 MC20 Cabrio Super Sportscar On May 25th!​

Images Hint A Special Camouflage Wrap Teased Back In December...​


In a post across its social media accounts yesterday, Maserati teased “Go beyond. You will admire the sky in a new way on Wednesday 25 May”. The post included three images of the sky, taken from a low-angle perspective, perhaps from the interior of a vehicle. And although the Italian premium brand has yet to officially announce what it could be, we believe it will be the debut of the 2023 Maserati MC20 Cabrio, the convertible version of its halo super sportscar originally unveiled last year.


bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Spotted my first MC20 a couple of weeks back, it was blue and a bit larger in person than I thought. Maserati is real popular on Long Island and our car show season is starting soon, so there should be a few more MC20s poping up. Trendy Oyster Bay does an Italian night featuring Italian exotics and live music playing lots of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jerry Vale tunes to set the mood. A Fiat club crashes usually to add atmosphere. The crew from the TV show “Carfellows” bring their classic white Caddy’s too and share some pastry with folks. I expect more MC 20 to join the party.... ” la dolce vita” Oyster Bay style. So fun.


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Apr 21, 2018
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Metro Detroit

CONFIRMED: Maserati Will Unveil Its New Mid-Engined MC20 Cielo On May 25th!​

Sky Rockets In Flight...​

Last week, we reported that the Maserati brand had been hinting on its social media accounts about a new vehicle unveiling scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th. We speculated that the unveiling would more than likely be the upcoming convertible version of the brand’s mid-engined super sportscar.


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