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LOOKING BACK: The Unique 2013 Chrysler 300S “Turbine Edition”!

LOOKING BACK: The Unique 2013 Chrysler 300S “Turbine Edition”!​

The Modern Chrysler Sedan, That Paid Homage To A Legend...​


With all of the talk about switching to electric vehicles (EVs), many people have forgotten that the search for an alternative source of fuel for automobiles has been decades in the making. In 1954, the then Chrysler Corporation created the Turbine program. Over a 27-year span (until 1981), a total of seven generations of turbine engines were designed. While a majority of the turbine development engines were installed in normal Chrysler Corporation cars and trucks, only the 1963 Chrysler Turbine car was designed to be powered with a turbine engine from the ground up.


bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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I so, so wanted to be chosen to drive this Turbine Chrysler, wrote to Chrysler, but never was picked to participate. Closest I got was seeing one driven on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, oh was I envious. Rumors back then had this amazing coupe produced with a combustion engine, never happened. That would have been a great decision. One thing, I believe, came out of this program was the M-1 tank, designed and built by Chrysler which used, as it does today, a turbine power plant. I have since seen one Turbine Chrysler at a show in a static display, but I will never forget that whine of the turbine driving, fixated actually, on that copper Chrysler driving in Brooklyn. POed that it should have been me. Truly a unique, historic, significant vehicle built by Chrysler. Still hoping to drive one after all these years.

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