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Jeep® Showed Its Off-Road Prowess At International Off-Road Fair (FIF)

At this year’s International Off-Road Fair (FIF), Jeep® stole the spotlight, showcasing its dominance from America to Italy. With an impressive turnout of over 29,000 motorsport enthusiasts and off-road fans, the event marked its third successful year, running from October 13th to the 15th. Viareggio, Italy, was completely transformed into an off-road haven, with a … (read full article...)

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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It’s essential to Jeep to sustain, both in perception and reality it’s off road capability and the uniqueness of that capability to the brand to sustain and expand the brand. Wrangler, in face of completion from others, especially the formidable Bronco, must stand above as the standard off road trail rated dominator. This Wrangler must do regardless of cost, no choice or compromise.
The other side of the coin are Jeep models like Compass and pictured here, the Avenger, that all must demonstrate a level of off road credentials to retain that essential and very marketable Jeep capability. Again no choice or compromise.
Jeep can’t be everything for everyone, but it certainly must be a Jeep and that is more than a brand but a lifestyle. “Only in a Jeep” is not just a slogan, but words to live by. No choice, no compromise.

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