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Jeep® Mexico Gets 1st Place In J.D. Power Customer Service Index Study

In a resounding victory, Jeep® has once again emerged as the frontrunner in customer satisfaction in the Mexico 2023 Customer Service Index Study (CSI) conducted by J.D. Power. This marks the second consecutive year that Jeep has clinched the top spot in the volume market segment, attaining an impressive score of 900. The CSI Study, … (read full article...)

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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I own three Chrysler products and have been a “Chrysler Only” buyer for over 60 years. The dealership experience has really improved as has their work. I have had almost zero issues with my cars, but those few range from lousy work, crude advisors and indifferent management. My demands are modest, friendly and honest personnel,competent and reliable service and a clean rest room in the lounge. The coffee and snakes, a bonus.
Not up to the luxury imports experience my two children get,
as of yet, but the improvement so far is notable and welcome, even in raunchy New York With it’s justified reputed ugly treatment of customers for so long.
Those NY stories are pervasive and not without validity. Happy customer, return business Makes sense to me.

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