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Jeep® Brazil Prepares for 2025 Compass Powertrain Overhaul

Jeep® Brazil is gearing up to launch the 2025 Jeep Compass (M1). While the Compass received an important styling change two model years ago, the Brazilian-built Compass will be getting a revamped powertrain lineup for 2025, which includes gasoline (ethanol), diesel, and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engines. The entry-level engine for the 2025 Jeep Compass will continue to be the 1.3 Turbo Flex T270 engine. This turbocharged 1.3-liter inline-four-cylinder is part of the FireFly or Stellantis Global Small Engine (GSE) family and was popular in the North American Jeep Renegade (BV). However, for Compass duty, the 1.3 Turbo Flex T270 produces … (read full article...)



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Oct 15, 2019
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Frostbite Falls, MN
The Compass as we know it is to be replaced in a couple of years. Maybe that's the reason we don't get the 4Xe version. I wonder where the e-axle for the Brazilian Compass is sourced from. Will it come from somewhere in Latin America or will they use a Euro built unit?

The European Compass and Renegades offer an e-Hybrid option. This drivetrain uses the 1.5 liter GSE with a Magna built 7-speed dual clutch hybrid transmission. The system also has an e-axle, and is a 48V mild hybrid.

What is in the North American future?

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