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Jeep® Avenger Making Its Way To Brazil By 2025!

Jeep® is gearing up to introduce its latest offering, the Jeep Avenger, to the Brazilian market. The production of this exciting new model is set to take place at the Stellantis Assembly Plant in Betim (MG), and it is expected to debut alongside the new Fiat Argo, both based on the CMP modular platform utilized … (read full article...)

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Actually have interest in E-torque as a feature for the Hurricane powered Grand Cherokee, Charger and Challenger. Improves gas mileage, improves performance and can be classified as a mild hybrid. That “power shot” feature from the Hornet could be adopted as a fun feature on the two muscle cars and perhaps a way to augment off road capability for the Jeep. This seems to be a proven system that might be considered and extend the life cycle of the gas powered vehicles that people still demand and make government types happy that there is something electric helping reduce fuel consumption and pollution. Something to consider. That power shot feature is like a Nitro boost that could incentivize Dodge buyers across the brand range.


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Feb 14, 2021
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Slap the powertrains from the hornet in this thing and it'd be the perfect replacement for the Renegade. Avenger sounds cool


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Oct 15, 2019
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Frostbite Falls, MN
A high voltage electrical system is needed for something like the power shot. Twelve volts or even 48 volts just won't cut it for that sort of gimmickry.

The bureaucrats running the socialist s___ show are dictating battery electric. They don't give a rat's tail about what's best for us citizens or this country, because most bureaucrats aren't elected. GM had offered 12 volt mild hybrid options on some of their vehicles way back in the bankruptcy days. The system worked quite well, but the battery supply dried up when a major oil company bought the supplier. Battery electric is the one size fits all panacea no matter what reality demonstrates otherwise. What makes "government types" happy is having their pockets lined. Follow the money trail.

The next generation, 48 volt, mild hybrid system for the rear drive cars has an electric motor in the transmission, like what the high voltage plugin hybrid Grand Cherokee and Wrangler have. The BSG is retained because it allows for starting the IC engine on the fly.

Slap the powertrains from the hornet in this thing and it'd be the perfect replacement for the Renegade.
The PHEV powertrain from the Renegade is used in the Hornet. The Renegade and Compass had it first. The Renegade, along with the ICE powered Fiat 500 and Panda, had the 12 volt BSG mild hybrid setup in Europe well before this Brazilian Jeep Avenger. These technologies never crossed the Atlantic.

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