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FIAT Brazil Launches It’s Updated Toro Pickup For 2022 Model Year:

FIAT Brazil Launches It’s Updated Toro Pickup For 2022 Model Year:​

Better Looks, More Content, & Better Performance...​


As the pickup market continues to grow at a rapid rate in Brazil, the FIAT brand has become the truck leader in the country. With 55.1% of the country’s marketshare in the pickup segment, the Italian brand has found success with its subcompact Fiat Strada pickup, which is the best-selling vehicle in the country. The second best-selling pickup, it the larger Toro pickup. Since it was launched in 2016, the Toro has sold over 300,000 units and continues to be a popular option across Latin America, even under the RAM banner where it is marketed as the Ram 1000.

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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From a global business perspective the growth and subsequent investment and apparent success in the truck market in Latin America is good news. It is satisfying to see the high level of engineering and manufacturing skill being show in this region by management and employees alike, impressive. It is also clear that a global business must be diverse in product that reflects the wants and needs of different geographic, economic and cultural regions, as clearly, “one size does not fit all” . Just as conslolidation and the elimination of duplication are axioms of modern global corporations, that very globalism also demands diversity in product. Considering this reality, the challenge is still consolidation and testing markets to accept new product. Bottom line, should Ram introduce these trucks in North America in hopes of creating a new attitude with buyers or just stay pat?
I would give the Toro, with some updates to better align with American tastes, a shot in our market. After all, the Ram City seems out of sync with many preceived van customers, but it is doing fairly well. Does Ram risk it with a “soft truck”? The global business model says yes, will North American buyers agree?


Dec 23, 2018
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Bill, you read my mind. I was thinking of a slight widening and give it some of the 1500's interior flair with contemporary touches for city dwellers. They could simply scale down the design of the 2006 Rampage concept. It would be a perfect compliment to the 1500 as the entry level compact, especially with Hyundai's Santa Cruz and Ford's Maverick on the way until they create a Dakota.

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