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FIAT Adding More Color Back Into The 500e Lineup For 2022?

FIAT Adding More Color Back Into The 500e Lineup For 2022?​

Unseen Color On 500e, Shows You Can Live Past Its EcoFriendly Image...​


The new electrified Fiat 500e city car plays an integral part in the brand’s path toward total electrification. When launched, FIAT introduced the third-generation 500e with ecofriendly interior materials and a color palette with nature-inspired colors. It was a far different cry than the traditional bright Italian colors of the brand’s past. Going into the second model year of the new electrified 500e, that might be changing according to some new spy photos of the 500e.

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Aug 31, 2018
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I notice they continue to brand it 500 by removing the FIAT logo on the front? A way of selling the vehicle through various nameplates especially in markets where FIAT has a small dealer print (NA) ? Would you see a Chrysler dealer selling the 500e in the US, or a Dodge as a 500e in Mexico ?

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