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Dodge Puts New ‘Real Brotherhood Of Muscle’ Campaign In National Spotlight!

Dodge Puts New ‘Real Brotherhood Of Muscle’ Campaign In National Spotlight!​

Highlights Actual Owners & Their Dodge Vehicles...​


Dodge is putting its owners and fans with their Dodge vehicles in the national spotlight with its new multimedia marketing campaign. Dubbed the ‘Real Brotherhood of Muscle‘, the new campaign will run across television and social media channels.

“In a summer of firsts, we blazed a path across HWY 93 to celebrate this country’s iconic muscle car culture with our owners and fans,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO. “Along the way, we saw the introduction of the Dodge Hornet, the brand’s first electrified performance vehicle, the game-changing Charger Daytona SRT electric muscle car concept, and are celebrating the Dodge Challenger and Charger with seven ‘Last Call’ special editions.


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