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Dodge Dealers To Offer New Process For Third-Party Challenger Convertible Builds!

Dodge Dealers To Offer New Process For Third-Party Challenger Convertible Builds!​

Drop Top Customs & Dodge Team Up To Offer Challenger Convertible...​


Since its introduction in 2008, fans of the modern-day Challenger have been asking for a convertible version of America’s No. 1 two-door muscle car.

To help customers, Dodge dealers offer an expedited ordering process for third-party convertible modifications for their 2022 Dodge Challenger through Drop Top Customs, the oldest convertible coachbuilder in the United States (you might remember the Challenger R/T Scat Pack convertible, we did an article about a while back). The new integrated transportation ordering process allows customers to place third-party orders and pick up finished vehicles through participating Dodge dealers.



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Jan 4, 2023
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I am also a die hard MOPAR fan. I have had 6 Challengers, 8 Rams, 7 Durango's, and one 300 Still have my T&G Durango and my messed convertible challenger. After spending 19K to make it a convertible with Drop Top Customs. I have spent time and money fixing all the sub par work. Jeff and his team do not care at all about their quality. I have included three pictures but I have an entire scrap book of everything that they messed up. The car will be nice again but i will never get the ride back or stop the wind noise. the rear quarter windows are not sealed.
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