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Dodge Bundles Two Of The Hornet's Most Popular Options

Last year, Jeep introduced the Upland model on its Grand Cherokee. The Upland added off-road look on the Laredo 4×4 package with black accents. This created a unique package that offered sporty off-road looks at a budget price. For 2019, the Grand Cherokee Upland 4×4 is back, and now Jeep is adding the package to … (read full article...)

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Feb 14, 2021
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I got a chance to check out a Hornet R/T at my job the other day and honestly it's not a bad vehicle. It's no Scat Pack 392 or Hellcat but it is nice. It's the type of vehicle that if SRT (or Direct Connection) were to get their hands on and really tune, they'd have a nice performance vehicle for the segment that the little crossover competes in. It's not going to set the world on fire but it's decent for what it is.

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