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Direct Connection Kits For Charger SRT HELLCAT Redeye Are Ready

In November of 2021, Dodge and Mopar made an exciting announcement: the revival of the Direct Connection performance parts brand. This brand would serve as the exclusive source for Dodge’s factory-backed performance components, focusing on enhancing the performance of their vehicles. One particularly anticipated release was the Direct Connection stage kits designed for HELLCAT and … (read full article...)

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Feb 14, 2021
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Hopefully Direct Connection will make some impressive offerings for the next-gen performance vehicles with the Hurricane platform for both S.O & H.O powertrains as well as for the Hornet R/T and potentially the 2.0L Hybrid from the Jeep if they decide to offer that powertrain in other vehicles. Direct Connection is going to need to have a huge presence in the upcoming vehicles and really needs to encompass the entire genre of performance and vehicle customization in ways that no other brand does. There are Carb Compliant turbo kits out there as well as exhaust systems, tunes and other power upgrades Direct Connection could utilize along with upgrades for suspension and handling, different Brembo brake packages, Aero enhancements by companies such as Vicrez, which already does alot of stuff for the Dodge aftermarket not only outside but inside items as well such as steering wheels, pre-cut tint, etc. No trim level should go untouched for these next performance vehicles and all trim levels should get Jailbreak options.


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Sep 27, 2023
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I wonder will there be a direct connection for the regular hellcat or is it just for the red eye

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