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Courtesy Delivery


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Nov 22, 2022
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I have on order Hellcat Convertible in Indiana. It's been produced and is at the conversion shop that Dodge has selected for these conversions. I have been to the conversion shop where they offered to have the local CJD dealership near their operations do a "Courtesy Delivery" on the vehicle once it's finished with the conversion. However, the dealership in Indiana that I purchased it from say Dodge will not allow because they are required by Dodge to unlock the car from ship mode, run scans on the car and PCM before delivery.

I live 4 hours from the dealership and would prefer to do the Courtesy Delivery and have the car shipped directly to my home which the conversion shop is willing to do. Otherwise, I will have to drive out to Indiana and have the car shipped back to my home. The conversion shop has done a Courtesy Delivery for other customers with the same circumstance as me so I am trying to understand why the dealership is not allow me to do this. It is a cash deal so it's pretty straight forward. Can anyone help me understand why a dealership would not allow this to happen when others have allowed the Courtesy Delivery? Thanking you in advance for your input!
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