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Chrysler’s 12-Year-Old Electrified Sports Sedan, Still Looks Good!

Chrysler’s 12-Year-Old Electrified Sports Sedan, Still Looks Good!​

Chrysler's 200C EV Concept VS Airflow Concept? Which Would Rather Have?​


With the Chrysler brand moving towards a fully-electrified lineup by 2028, there are still a number of our readers who feel underwhelmed by the design of the all-new Chrysler Airflow Concept. The Airflow Concept is destined for production for the 2025 model year but is it enough to really catch the attention of potential customers who haven’t considered the Chrysler brand in recent years?



Jun 7, 2021
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Amazing. The old concept is infinitely easier on the eyes than the Airflow blob.

bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Why choose, we can (must) have them both. Let’s face it, the Airflow is a done deal. Please, hopefully, designers will take a long hard look at the 200C and its front grill, now that is a beautiful face that screams “Chrysler” for yesterday and for tomorrow. The Airflow front looks, well, like so many uninspiring other front ends out there on upcoming electric cookie cutter designs, it clearly should NEVER be the new face of Chrysler. What might have been, if this 200C design was carried to the eventual ill fated and truly confusing 200 design that married Dart to a gouache outcome that failed so miserably which someone needing glasses approved. If they went with the 200C we would still have a mid-size Chrysler sedan out there. Glasses anyone?
But a new opportunity beckons, a Chrysler sedan, it has been revealed, is in the works. Indeed, that long hard look might just be what is needed, front grill in particular, to design a beauty rather than a carbon copy ho hum for all future Chrysler’s. As my fellow blogger stated, infinitely more pleasing and I will add, infinitely more Chrysler. Glasses anyone?
Indeed, if the Airflow is a done deal and a sedan is planned, history just may be the place to go for inspiration. Infinitely more distinctive than what we see so far from Chrysler. We don’t need glasses to see that....Do we ?


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Oct 26, 2021
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Still my favourite Chrysler Concept! I had hoped the 2015 200 would echo it's style, but no joy! It is as classic as the 300's basic body style, and would be a great addition to the Chrysler line up, even now.

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