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CAUGHT: 2022 Maserati Grecale Gives Us A Sneak Peek Of Its Interior:

CAUGHT: 2022 Maserati Grecale Gives Us A Sneak Peek Of Its Interior:​

New Midsized Luxury SUV To Debut Later This Year...​


The Maserati brand is currently in the middle of a renaissance or rebirth, as the famed Italian marque continues to revamp its lineup. While the brand continues to improve its trio of standard vehicles (Levante, Quattroporte, and Ghibli), Maserati introducing new products like the MC20 super sportscar and the GranTurismo sports tourer. But one vehicle is focused on bringing more people into the brand and that vehicle is the new Grecale SUV.

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bill burke

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Dec 9, 2020
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Not much to see here, but I hope Maserati is going in the right direction with this small crossover. I for one am not too impressed with what I can see and I fear this may be a drag on the Maserati brand if it fails to deliver a luxury experience in all aspects of the segment it is targeting. I’m not sure this vehicle is needed in the lineup since I am of the mind that the GT models coming soon, the MC20 and a seriously updated Ghibili, Levante and Quattroporte are all the brand needs, that and more marketing and dealerships. I’d have left the small crossover to Alfa Romeo, a brand truly having an identity crisis and lack of product. This one just leaves me flat.

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