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65 Million Years In The Making – Dodge Charger TRX:

65 Million Years In The Making – Dodge Charger TRX:​

Hellcat Four-Door Sedan, Meets Off-Road-Oriented Technology In Latest Digital Design...​


Over the past several years, we have seen a number of digital renderings blending two unique vehicles into one. Some of those vehicles have turned out to be real eye stoppers. But our friend Oscar Vargas (wb.artist20), has created probably one that probably tops the cake. Blending the best attributes of two awesome Hellcat-powered machines, he has created something that looks like its part AMC Eagle and part Local Motors Rally Fighter.



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Feb 14, 2021
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What's really funny is how nice that front end looks on the Charger. It would be nice on whatever this next gen charger is going to be, especially if it's true that the next gen car is taking alot of styling cues from the '99 Concept. The lights, grille and hood along with a sleeker body is a pretty cool thought, along with the fact that the next gen car is rumored to have an AWD option with this new GME-T6 powertrain. Honestly, there is alot that the new Charger could (and should) take from the TRX but mostly on the interior. the TRX interior is nothing short of Amazing in both design and material and the general layout would look proper in the new Charger. The TRX hood would also look nice along with that front end. What I'm really hoping for is that Dodge continues the Direct Connection performance program for the GME-T6 and really offers some serious street-legal performance upgrades for the next-gen car. Granted I do hope that there is a factory option for an upgraded version of the current SRT active suspension but along with that some true Mopar aftermarket-style parts like sway bars, strut braces, Delrin bushings, control arms, pre-assembled shocks/struts and lowering springs for the active and non-active suspensions as well as performance stage kits. Dodge is no stranger to inline-turbo engines, going back to the SRT4 Neon that had some serious stage kits for it back in the day. It would be nice to see that truly come back for this next gen Charger with the GME-T4 (4XE powertrain) and GME-T6. Along with that, continuing the Jailbreak program would be awesome for the next-gen vehicle as well. Hopefully this new car will have a widebody options that won't look like a factory set of add-on fender flares and that the fenders themselves will actually just be a little wider. Similar to the Dodge Viper. Just a thought.


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Jun 27, 2018
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Everything new is getting the new interior language. Look at the new Jeeps

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