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Hello folks. I am waiting for 2008 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4.7 4x4 to be delivered from Michigan to Japan now. I’m very excited to see it soon.
As fellow 1320 owner I will share that I have a contact within FCA and I was able to get 2021 1320 production number....664. Sorry no color breakdown yet. 2019 = 1054, 2020 = 410. My 2022 1320 ordered November 13, 2021 is in D status with a scheduled build week of 2/21/22.
Oh nice. That is actually more than I thought for 2021. Looking forward to the color breakdown. Thank you very much for the info. So is your 1320 going to stay in the garage or be driven?
I would love to see the electric 500 being sold in the US and Canada. It's an awesome little car,plus I still have my beautiful red 2012 Aarth,and don't see too many Fiats on the roads recently,so it would be wonderful to see the 500s being sold again.