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    Greetings from Northeast Tennessee . . .

    Welcome! Tennessee is a beautiful state!
  2. UN4GTBL

    Jeep® Brazil Sells Out Of Its 2022 Jeep Compass 80th Anniversary Edition:

    Its nice to see that Jeep Brazil appreciates current owners However, I wonder how many are truly sold and how many will end up as dealer stock
  3. UN4GTBL


    That's exactly why I told my dealer to not wash my KL when it came in. (and because I had their "soft touch" car wash damage my Caliber way back when)
  4. UN4GTBL

    SPOTTED: North American-Spec 2022 Jeep® Compass High Altitude:

    Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer are in an entirely different price point. I went through this exercise when I was researching what I wanted to buy before deciding on my KL. I've built the Compass, Cherokee & Grand Cherokee how I would order them on Build & Price: Compass Trailhawk Elite =...
  5. UN4GTBL

    LEAKED: The New Dodge LEGO® Speed Champions Set For 2021:

    Reading > Me I was so confused at first when I saw the pictures of the yellow Demon and black Charger, because I already have those lol
  6. UN4GTBL

    EMEA-Region 2021 Jeep® Compass Lineup Makes Its Debut:

    I really like the way that they have designed the appearance of the Trailhawk 4Xe models (y)
  7. UN4GTBL

    SPOTTED: North American-Spec 2022 Jeep® Compass High Altitude:

    I like this a lot. But I also like silver/black vehicles, so that helps too. The interior update is great as well.
  8. UN4GTBL

    SPOTTED: North American-Spec 2022 Jeep® Compass High Altitude:

    No thank you. The Cherokee is already too coupe-ish in the rear. I agree with bill, Jeep needs to bring back Utility to it's SUVs in the form of square-ish rear designs.
  9. UN4GTBL

    Say What? 1,400+ Horsepower In A Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD!

    ...and then someone broke into this garage :cry:
  10. UN4GTBL

    CAUGHT: 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Summit (WL74):

    I just realized how sloped the D pillar is...hmmm
  11. UN4GTBL

    What comes after the KL?

    What engine do you have?
  12. UN4GTBL

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Detailing - Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    That's interesting. I've applied a ceramic coating to 4 vehicles now, and I always found them easier to clean afterwards. When we bought the Prius for my wife, it needed a paint correction badly, but I seemed to have to fight to get bugs off it before I coated it. Now all I do is foam the car...
  13. UN4GTBL

    We Take A Look At The 2021 Dodge Durango SXT & SXT Plus:

    I think I would add the leather option to that Durango if I was to buy an SXT/SXT Plus. Something about that cloth in a $50k+ vehicle (after rebates) seems off to me.
  14. UN4GTBL

    ELECTRIFYING: Meet The Jeep® Magneto Concept:

    I have no idea if this is even production possible, but I think it's really cool to see a manual in a vehicle like this. Automatics are great, but there's nothing like a manual for pure driving enjoyment IMO.