Challenger SRT HELLCAT Now Affordable? Prices Dropping?

HELLCAT Prices Now Around $40,000 On Used Market...

When the Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT made its debut in 2014 (as a 2015 model), it shook up the world with its 707 horsepower of supercharged HEMI power. Hitting the market at a price of $60,990 USD, the HELLCAT wasn’t the cheapest option for many, but it was still obtainable to some. Not realizing if the 707 horsepower muscle car would last, in its first model year of production Dodge//SRT built 11,995 for its customers.

2016 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT. (Dodge).

Now, that the Challenger SRT HELLCAT is in its sixth year of production and has undergone a few changes, the used car market is now offering cheaper HELLCAT options for car enthusiasts. Our friend and contributor R/T Life has been in search of one of these cars. In one of his recent videos, he checks out a HELLCAT on one of his local lots. Now, that used Challenger SRT HELLCATs are hitting the $40,000 mark, R/T Life checks out what exactly that amount of money will get you in the HELLCAT world.

2017 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT. (Dodge).

If $40,000 is out of your reach for a HELLCAT, MoparInsiders recently had a budget of $30,000 when looking for a Challenger. After doing some careful research we found a mint condition, extremely low mileage 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack 392 Shaker for $30,000 out the door. So, there are some more affordable options out there on the used market.

Would you buy a used Challenger SRT HELLCAT? What would be the things you would look for while buying on the used car market? Leave your comments below.

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