AUCTION: This 1939 Dodge 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed Crosses The Auction Block This Weekend!

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There is another exciting auction taking place this weekend in East Moline, Illinois. Mecum is holding its “2022 Gone Farmin’ Spring Classic” event, which features Tractors (Semis), Vintage Pickups, and Road Art & Relics. The event will feature more than 350 tractors, 150 vintage trucks, and nearly 200 lots of art and relics. Among those vehicles, there was one vehicle that caught our attention.

1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed. (Mecum).

In 1939, Dodge rolled out an all-new, modern, and striking design for its Medium Duty trucks. Using a “streamlined” design, the all-steel cabs featured a front-end design with a barrel-shaped base, and a sharp V-shaped grille; long, sleek, crowned front and rear fenders, with embossed “speed lines” on the lower rears of each fender and a new sloped, two-piece windshield, that could be opened for increased airflow.

1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed. (Mecum).

The headlamps were still free-standing but were mounted in bullet-shaped pods. From the half-tons to the three-ton models, the new trucks all featured the same distinctive design – the Heavy Duty models only stood out due to them being taller, on larger wheels and tires.

1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed. (Mecum).

This particular 1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton flatbed, is a prime example of those trucks. Painted in a beautiful two-tone Yellow scheme over Black fenders, this Dodge will easily pull your attention to it. As 1 of 37 trucks crossing the auction block as part of the Hays Antique Truck Museum (HATM) collection, this 83-year-old truck is an absolute head-turner.

1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed. (Mecum).

Formerly located in Woodland, California, at the Heidrick Ag History Center and attracting droves of visitors each year, the HATM was founded in 1982 by A.W. “Pop” Hays, a pioneer with more than 50 years in the California trucking industry. Hays retired after decades on the road, and at age 76, he began to collect and restore old trucks to pass the time and form a rewarding hobby. After HATM closed, a portion of the Hays collection was donated to the National Automobile Museum. Now, another portion of those vehicles once displayed at HATM is headed for the “Gone Farmin’” auction block this weekend. 

1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed. (Mecum).

Powered by a 3.7-liter (228 cubic-inch) “Side-Valve” inline-6-cylinder engine, producing 78 horsepower. The flathead engine was originally mated to a New Process 4-speed transmission, but now has a 3-speed “Brownie” (a Brown-Lipe auxiliary transmission) to provide extra low gearing. The reason for the switch, was the truck was used to tow a trailer loaded with a Caterpillar tractor when it was at the museum.

1939 Dodge TF35 1 1/2-Ton Flatbed. (Mecum).

The truck has a maximum GVWR of 13,500 lbs. Costing a whopping $630 when it rolled off the line in 1939 (that is $12,859.07 today with inflation). Given the Lot # K14, the truck will go across the auction block on Saturday, March 26th. For more information on how to bid on this 1 1/2-Ton truck, you can visit Mecum.com.

Robert S. Miller

Robert S. Miller is a diehard Mopar enthusiast who lives and breathes all that is Mopar. The Michigander is not only the Editor for MoparInsiders.com, 5thGenRams.com, and HDRams.com but an automotive photographer. He is an avid fan of offshore powerboat racing, which he travels the country to take part in.

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Sweet! Love those old trucks. Closest I ever came to something like that was my 1949 5 Window Custom Cab Chevy pickup. While in high school I installed a 327 engine and camaro drive train to get rid of the factory tourqe tube setup. Our high school had a great automotive program which I spent three fun years in before going to trade school and eventually becoming a master tech. Ah, good memories...

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