AUCTION: 71,000-Mile 1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition (SJ)!

The O.G. Grand Wagoneer Is Still The Best...

While the all-new Jeep® Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer (WS) build upon the legacy of the premium heritage and refinement of the nameplate, they are nowhere as cool and iconic as the original Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer (SJ). The SJ models stayed in production for 29 years (1963 to 1991) with an almost unchanged body structure, thus making it the third longest-produced single-generation vehicle in U.S. automotive history.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. (Bring A Trailer).

This 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Final Edition, celebrates the final model run of the legendary model. With 71,000 miles on the odometer, this classic family hauler might not have the fancy technology, robust powertrain, or a third-row seat like today’s offerings, but nothing says Americana like the SJ.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. (Bring A Trailer).

Powered by the carbureted 5.9-liter (360 cubic-inch) AMC V8, the engine produces a simple 140 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque. My oh my, how far we have come in engine technology over the past 30 years. Power is sent through a 3-speed automatic transmission and a Selec-Trac dual-range transfer case with the shift-on-the-fly 4×4.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. (Bring A Trailer).

According to the BringATrailer.com listing, the Grand Wagoneer was refinished in its beautiful Marron color and new faux-woodgrain trim was added in 2019. Exterior features include a power sunroof, fog lamps, an electric rear window, and chrome roof rack, bumpers, mirror caps, and trim.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. (Bring A Trailer).

There is a Carfax report showing that there was an accident involving the left and left rear of the truck in January 2006, and the seller states that body repairs were completed on the left-rear quarter panel. The seller also notes dents under the faux-woodgrain trim.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. (Bring A Trailer).

Inside, there is Cordovan leather and cloth seat upholstery as well as a color-coordinated dashboard, carpets, and door panels. Other features include power-adjustable front seats, a folding center armrest, air conditioning, cruise control, and a tilt steering wheel. The door-panel armrests were reportedly replaced in November 2019. Of course, being a Final Edition, there is a plaque fitted to the dash celebrating the milestone.

1991 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Final Edition. (Bring A Trailer).

SJ models continue to be highly sought-after vehicles. While it is getting harder to find good-condition models that haven’t been updated and pressing six figures. Some companies like Wagonmaster, completely restore SJ models to a better condition than what they were when they left the factory floor in Toledo. 

To see a lot more photos, learn more, or bid on this beautiful truck, be sure to visit its dedicated page on BringATrailer.com

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