The Dune Buggy Reimagined – Plymouth Prowler Off-Road Hot-Rod Design!

3D Digital Artist Creates The Ultimate Off-Road Buggy...

The Plymouth (Chrysler) Prowler was one of the coolest looking vehicles of the late-1990s and early-2000s. Unfortunately, a lackluster powertrain stained the legacy of what was Chrysler Group’s modern version of the classic hot-rod. But Prowler owners have gotten creative over the years, with engine swaps and custom modifications. 

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Recently, one digital artist that we follow, Timothy Adry Emmanuel (@adry53customs) has re-sparked our interest in the Prowler with his take on a Prowler-inspired off-road buggy. 

Gone is the sluggish 253 horsepower 3.5-liter H.O. V6 and 4-speed automatic transmission, in favor of a blown 7.4-liter (454 cubic-inch) V8 and a manual transmission. The 454 has been fitted to a set of Caterham exhausts that run underneath the doors and finish just before the rear wheels.

A modified suspension allows for a set of massive 40-inch Maxxis Creepy Crawler rubber. 

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He wrote on his Instagram post, “Yeah, Offroad Hotrod just like your [inner] child wishes for.” Inspired by off-road buggies from Buckshot Racing, Chenoweth, and Sxor, he figured he would apply the same formula to the hot-rod-inspired Prowler and it works.

Plymouth Prowler Off-Road Hot-Rod Design Image Gallery:

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