The Colorado Viper Club Heads Out To High Plains Raceway:

Some Fun At The Local Car Meet...

One of our contributors, Cody Wagner (host of Cody’s Car Conundrum podcast) is a huge Mopar enthusiast. His favorite car just happens to be the legendary Dodge Viper. Cody happened to catch up with a few members of the Colorado Viper Club as they headed out to the High Plains Raceway in Deer Tail, Colorado, last weekend.

Being the Viper diehard, members of the local Viper club heading to a track located near him and he got to bring his family out to enjoy one of his passions with him. Sounds like wins all around, right?

The Colorado Viper Club Heads At High Plains Raceway. (Cody Wagner).

The High Plains Raceway, is a 2.55 mile road course that offers an array of many challenges to drivers. Nothing a track oriented Dodge Viper can’t handle. The course offers a straightaway of 2838′ in length, 10% steep hills and 300′ of cumulative elevation change per lap.

The Colorado Viper Club Heads At High Plains Raceway. (Cody Wagner).

When he arrived at the track, Cody found four Vipers at the event. Amongst the bad arse snakes, a GEN II Dodge Viper GTS, a GEN V Dodge Viper GTS, a wicked Dodge Viper T/A and probably one of the best track cars on the planet a special Woodhouse 2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme T/A Edition. The Viper ACR T/A was a custom and very limited run between the one of the biggest Viper dealers in the country, Woodhouse and Dodge. Only 10 of these cars were created, so it is a very rare Viper to see out in public let alone a road course.

Be sure to visit Cody’s website to listen to his latest podcast or you can listen to him on Stitcher. Below is a image gallery of the various Mopar related things at the track event.

High Plains Raceway Image Gallery:

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