Stellantis Engineers Return To In-Person Work In Auburn Hills

Staff Have Been Coming Back To Campus Since Mid-February...

Stellantis has made a significant shift in its work-from-home policy under the leadership of Ned Curic, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineering and Technology Officer. In a reversal of CEO Carlos Tavares’ previous stance, Stellantis engineers are now required to work at least three days a week in the office, with the possibility of up to six days during new vehicle launches.

Since January, Stellantis engineers have been gradually returning to the office environment, emphasizing the critical nature of in-person collaboration for vehicle engineering and development. Ned Curic, who assumed his role in 2021 and oversees a global team of approximately 15,000 engineers, highlighted the necessity of physical presence for design sessions, engineering discussions, and project buildups.

The new “There Is Only Wagoneer S” wrap on the CTC tower in Auburn Hills. (MoparInsiders).

Curic’s decision to formalize this change was communicated internally on Feb. 19 through an official memo obtained by Automotive News. According to the memo, engineers who are “directly engaged in/supporting a product development” should be in the office three to five days a week. Those in “supporting activities,” such as business operations, processes, tools, and administration, should be in the office one to two days a week.

Stellantis had previously championed remote work as part of a broader efficiency drive, which included reducing office space and selling real estate assets. However, the shift back to in-person work reflects their are some changes going on at the automaker, considering a new focus on accelerating projects amidst intense global competition.

Stellantis sign in front of Auburn Hills Headquarters. (MoparInsiders).

The move comes at a pivotal time as Stellantis gears up for an ambitious rollout of 25 new vehicle models in 2024. Curic’s reorganization of the engineering operations aims to ensure optimal collaboration and efficiency among teams located across Europe, the United States, Brazil, and India.

A spokesperson for Stellantis emphasized the flexibility of the new policy, noting that remote working arrangements will vary depending on the specific needs of projects and teams. The approach seems to aim at a balance between in-person collaboration and remote work, enhancing overall productivity and innovation within the company.

Source: Bloomberg and Automotive News

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