Stellantis Considers Tesla’s Charging Standard for North America

Automaker Says It Is Evaluating Its Adoption...

Stellantis is reportedly considering adopting Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector for its future electric vehicles (EVs). While Stellantis has not yet committed to the move, the company’s evaluation of the NACS connector signifies a potential shift towards establishing it as the standard connector in North America.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee Concept. (Dodge).

Following the announcements by General Motors (GM) and Ford that they would adopt the NACS connector, the industry consensus has been leaning towards its widespread adoption. Charging station manufacturers and operators have swiftly pledged their support for the NACS connector, anticipating that all major automakers producing EVs for the North American market will follow suit.

Stellantis’ consideration of the NACS connector is an encouraging development. Should Stellantis decide to adopt the standard, it would enable Stellantis vehicle owners to access Tesla’s extensive network of 12,000 Superchargers across North America, further bolstering the charging infrastructure for EVs.

2025 Ram 1500 REV Tungsten 4×4. (Ram).

Stellantis acknowledged its evaluation of the NACS standard and emphasized its commitment to providing customers with the best charging experience possible. The company intends to collaborate with third-party charging companies, as stated by a Stellantis spokesperson: “Our focus is to provide the customer the best charging experience possible. Our Free2Move Charge brand will offer seamless, simple solutions whether at home or on-the-go through partnerships with charging providers.”

Stellantis has often been regarded as a slower adopter of all-EVs compared to its competitors. However, the company’s exploration of the NACS connector signals a potential shift towards embracing electric mobility more decisively. This move could play a crucial role in expanding the charging infrastructure and accelerating the adoption of EVs within the Stellantis brand portfolio.

Source: Reuters

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What are they waiting for? What’s to consider? If anyone there had any sense at all, they would have been the first to announce it before Ford did. This type of BS is why they are last at everything!

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What are they waiting for? What’s to consider? If anyone there had any sense at all, they would have been the first to announce it before Ford did. This type of BS is why they are "last at everything"!

Stellantis is "not last" in profitability, in fact the opposite" of last ".

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Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe the Fiat 500e compliance car was introduced nearly a decade ago. The late Sergio Marchionne most infamous quote has to be when he said, "Don't buy one because we lose money on each one." (That's not an exact quote. There is a specific dollar amount which I can't recall.) The reason I keep bringing this stuff up is because when Sergio stepped into Auburn Hills he introduced a policy of keeping on the cutting edge of alternative power trains, but only market what is profitable. The Chevy Bolt is a disaster and GM has kicked the plug out of the wall. Ford's F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mock-e are money pits sinking the company. Sergio M also was criticized for terminating the contract with A123 batteries during bankruptcy. How dumb was that move in light or where we are today?

I would say the legacy Chrysler divisions under Stellantis are better prepared to take on our dystopian future than those others who are "first".

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