Stellantis & Archer Aviation Begin Construction Of Aircraft Facility

350,000-Sq. Ft. Facility Will Be Capable Of Producing Up To 650 Aircraft Per Year...

Stellantis is committed to developing technologies that promote clean, safe, and affordable mobility. Embracing a vision that aims to address human aspirations and push the boundaries of innovation, Stellantis has forged a strategic partnership with Archer Aviation, a prominent developer of electric air taxis. This collaboration seeks to revolutionize urban transportation by offering fast, safe, quiet, and sustainable air mobility solutions. Through a significant equity investment of up to $150 million, Stellantis will support Archer in scaling up the production of their all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the Midnight.

Stellantis and Archer Aviation Inc. “Midnight” (eVTOL) aircraft. (Archer).

Stellantis and Archer are collaborating to build the first high-volume eVTOL aircraft manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia. With an initial footprint of 350,000 square feet, the plant aims to produce up to 650 aircraft annually. In addition, the facility has been designed for expansion, with an additional 550,000 square feet planned to support the production of up to 2,300 aircraft per year. By leveraging Stellantis’ advanced manufacturing technology, expertise, and capital, the partnership seeks to accelerate the scaling of aircraft production, with plans for Archer to commence commercial operations by 2025.

Stellantis and Archer Aviation Inc. “Midnight” (eVTOL) aircraft. (Archer).

The Midnight eVTOL aircraft represents a significant step towards achieving carbon net zero travel. Once seamlessly integrated into the national airspace, it will offer an innovative and competitively priced alternative for urban commuters seeking comfort, convenience, and efficiency. By contributing to Archer’s vision, Stellantis aims to provide citizens with diverse mobility options, extending from road-based transportation to the skies.

Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO, stated, “Supporting Archer with our manufacturing capability is another example of how Stellantis will lead the way the world moves. We are pushing the boundaries to take urban air mobility a step further, delivering as many tools as possible to our fellow citizens to protect their freedom of mobility from the road to the sky.”

Stellantis and Archer Aviation Inc. “Midnight” (eVTOL) aircraft. (Archer).

The partnership between Stellantis and Archer is poised to catalyze technological breakthroughs in the eVTOL aircraft field and across advanced manufacturing and technology sectors. This collaboration will inspire innovation, leverage shared expertise, and pave the way for transformative opportunities in the future. In addition, by embracing modern and emerging solutions, Stellantis is actively driving the transition from legacy technologies, fostering sustainable mobility for years to come.

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