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Alfa's Newest Offering Has Been Spotted On Public Italian Roads...

The 2025 Alfa Romeo Junior, a new battery-electric vehicle (BEV), has been spotted testing on public roads in Italy, captured by spy photographer Walter Vayr (@GabetzSPYUnit). This new Polish-built B-segment utility vehicle is the first to feature Alfa Romeo’s latest design language, setting the stage for a significant update to the brand’s portfolio, including future launches of the next-generation Stelvio and Giulia.

A Bold Return to the Compact Segment –

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition. (GabetzSPYUnit).

Alfa Romeo’s return to the compact car segment is marked by the introduction of the Junior, available with both all-electric and hybrid powertrains. This compact marvel embraces Alfa Romeo’s sporty heritage while meeting the demands of modern driving. Built on the eCMP architecture, the Junior joins the Jeep® Avenger and Fiat 600.

Powertrain Options: Electric and Hybrid – 

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition. (GabetzSPYUnit).

The Junior offers diverse powertrain choices to cater to different driving preferences. The ELETTRICA (Electric) has two variants: a standard 156 horsepower variant balances performance and efficiency, and a top-tier Veloce model delivers an impressive 240 horsepower for enhanced electric performance.

The Junior IBRIDA (Hybrid) is also offered in two different variants. A standard 136 horsepower 48-volt hybrid VGT engine model provides a blend of electric efficiency and traditional engine power. A Q4 all-wheel drive variant ensures optimal traction and stability across various driving conditions.

Trim Levels: Tailored to Different Tastes – 

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition. (GabetzSPYUnit).

The Alfa Romeo Junior is available in three distinct packages:

  • Techno: Focuses on safety and advanced technology, featuring Level 2 autonomous driving and LED Matrix lights.
  • Premium: This model offers luxurious comfort with amenities such as a vinyl-fabric blend interior, electrically operated massage seats, and ambient lighting.
  • Sport: Highlights the Junior’s dynamic persona with sporty exterior accents, Sabelt seats, and Alcantara upholstery.

Italian Design and Modern Features –

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition. (GabetzSPYUnit).

The Junior, designed by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, showcases Italian sophistication and athleticism. Its compact dimensions—164 inches in length, 70 inches in width, and 59 inches in height—achieve a harmonious balance between elegance and agility. Iconic Alfa Romeo design elements enhance its classic yet modern look, including the legendary shield on electric models and the Alfa Romeo script on hybrid models. Muscular wheel arches and the signature ‘truncated tail’ evoke classic Alfa Romeo designs, while LED Matrix headlights provide style and functionality.

Hassle-Free Charging for Electric Variants –

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition. (GabetzSPYUnit).

For electric variants, the Junior offers seamless charging solutions. The EV Routing technology identifies charging stations along your route, ensuring you never run out of battery. With access to over 600,000 charging points across Europe, range anxiety is a thing of the past. Charging from 10% to 80% takes less than 30 minutes at 100-kW DC fast charging stations.

Not Coming to North America –

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition. (GabetzSPYUnit).

While the 2025 Alfa Romeo Junior won’t be available in North America, it plays a crucial role in shaping the brand’s future design language. As the brand prepares for significant updates to its lineup, the Junior previews the innovation and style to come.

Alfa Romeo Junior SPECIALE Launch Edition Image Gallery:

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I think this will be a massive failure in the Italian market. Italians are very nationalist. Had it looked like an Alfa I think it would have a chance. But the decision to go with the polarizing almost grotesque front end, I think it is a failure. Polish built overcome-able, Chinese/French roots overcome-able, Spanish design....... ahhhhhhhh oooohhhh mmmmm, UGLY .... yeah NO. To much.

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