SpeedKore Unveils ‘Ghost’ It’s Latest Carbon-Fiber Dodge Charger

Custom Carbon Fiber 1970 Charger Features HELLCAT V8 and 6-Speed Manual..

SpeedKore Performance Group, the performance wizards renowned for their mastery of carbon fiber, has just revealed their latest masterpiece at the Grand National Roadster Show – the “Ghost.” This reimagined 1970 Dodge Charger turns heads with its ghostly white finish and cutting-edge features that bring this classic muscle car into the modern era.

Exterior –

1970 Dodge Charger “Ghost” by SpeedKore. (Larry Chen).

The Ghost boasts a full carbon-fiber body, floor, and wheel tubs – a sleek upgrade from the traditional metal. The carbon fiber gives it a unique appearance and reduces weight, enhancing performance. The custom-designed SpeedKore chassis ensures top-notch handling, blending timeless design with aerospace-grade materials.

Performance –

1970 Dodge Charger “Ghost” by SpeedKore. (Larry Chen).

Under the hood, the Ghost roars to life with a reworked supercharged 6.2-liter (370 cubic-inch) HEMI® HELLCAT V8, delivering 717 horsepower to the rear wheels through a 6-speed TREMEC manual transmission. The supercharged V8 breathes through a custom headers and exhaust system with Magnaflow mufflers, providing a thrilling soundtrack to match its performance.

Chassis and Suspension –

1970 Dodge Charger “Ghost” by SpeedKore. (Larry Chen).

Thanks to its carbon-fiber construction, the Ghost’s low center of gravity is complemented by a CAD-designed SpeedKore perimeter frame. The 14-point roll cage adds rigidity and safety, while the Detroit Speed suspension and Brembo brakes ensure a smooth ride and quick stops. The car rides on custom HRE wheels (19-inch x 9-inch, front / 20-inch x 12-inch, rear) wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber.

Design Details –

1970 Dodge Charger “Ghost” by SpeedKore. (Larry Chen).

The Ghost’s exterior features a machined aluminum grille, custom LED headlights, and an elongated greenhouse for a seamless, uninterrupted look. Shaved rain gutters and flush-mounted glass enhance its aerodynamic profile. 

Interior –

1970 Dodge Charger “Ghost” by SpeedKore. (Larry Chen).

Inside, the Ghost blends classic Mopar style and modern comfort. Carbon-fiber dash, door panels, and rear interior quarter panels meet leather-trimmed seats. The cabin has a custom center console and a powerful 2,000-watt Bluetooth-driven audio system for a complete driving experience.

SpeedKore’s Ghost is not just a classic car; it’s a masterpiece of modern engineering and design. With its carbon-fiber construction, powerful HELLCAT engine, and meticulous attention to detail, the Ghost redefines what a muscle car can be. For more information on this groundbreaking creation and SpeedKore’s carbon-fiber innovations, visit www.speedkore.com.

1970 Dodge Charger “Ghost” by SpeedKore Image Gallery:

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Do these Speedkore cars pass emissions, like can they be street legal?

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Do these Speedkore cars pass emissions, like can they be street legal?

I assume so, they are registered and use Chrysler crate engines.

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