Ram Trucks Brazil and Yamaha Racing Brazil Join Forces!

Ram Will Provide Rampage Pickups To Support Yamaha Racing Brazil's Efforts...

In an exciting move that’s set to rev up the motorsport scene in Brazil, Ram Trucks Brazil has announced a strategic partnership with Yamaha Racing Brazil, a major player in the country’s motorcycle championships both on and off-road. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both brands as they aim to enhance the racing experience for fans, customers, and participants alike.

Ram Trucks, renowned for their exceptional durability, reliability, and performance, finds a perfect match in Yamaha Racing Brazil, which shares similar values. As part of this partnership, Ram will supply Rampage pickups to support Yamaha Racing Brazil’s operations across the nation, spanning motorcycle racing, rally, and motocross. Additionally, both brands will team up for marketing and promotional initiatives, aiming to boost visibility and expand their reach.

Ram Trucks Brazil Partnership With Yamaha Racing Brazil. (Ram).

Juliano Machado, Vice President of Ram South America, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “At Ram, we always seek partnerships with brands that share our core values. This collaboration with Yamaha perfectly aligns with our commitment to sportiness and competition, offering exciting new experiences for our customers.”

Giovana do Vale, from Yamaha Motor do Brazil’s Brand & Marketing division, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We are thrilled about this partnership with Ram, a brand that shares our passion for performance and innovation. Together, we’re confident we can achieve remarkable milestones and deliver incredible experiences to our customers and fans.”

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