Ram Continues To Miss An Opportunity In The Compact Pickup Market

Compact Trucks Continue To Be In Demand...

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the resurgence of compact trucks has been a significant trend. With Ford’s Maverick making waves in the market, there’s a spotlight on the potential success of smaller pickups. However, amidst this fervor, Ram seems to be missing a golden opportunity by not capitalizing on its compact Rampage pickup, which has garnered attention in Brazil.

2024 Ram Rampage R/T. (Ram).

The Rampage, born from the lineage of the legendary Ram trucks, has been a popular choice in the Brazilian market for its compact yet robust design, versatility, and efficiency. Yet, its absence from North American shores raises questions about missed potential and market foresight.

Ford’s Maverick has created ripples by offering a balance of utility, fuel efficiency, and a competitive price, appealing to a wide demographic. It’s no secret that consumers are keenly interested in smaller trucks that offer practicality without compromising capability. The Maverick’s success is a testament to North America’s growing demand for compact pickups.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor 4×4. (Ford).

Comparing the Maverick’s success to the Rampage’s absence on the same turf brings to light Ram’s missed opportunity. With its compact size and Ram’s heritage, the Rampage could have effortlessly tapped into this burgeoning market segment. Its blend of Ram’s legacy of reliability and the practicality of a smaller footprint could have resonated strongly with consumers seeking a versatile, urban-friendly truck.

One could argue that Ram’s hesitation might stem from market uncertainties, concerns about cannibalizing sales of their larger trucks, or logistical challenges in adapting the Rampage for the North American market. However, the potential benefits outweigh these concerns. The brand could have expanded its reach, attracted a new demographic, and solidified its position as a comprehensive truck manufacturer catering to diverse consumer needs.

2024 Ram Rampage R/T. (Ram).

The compact truck segment is not just about a vehicle’s size; it’s about efficiency, maneuverability, and practicality without compromising on the essence of a truck. With its proven success in Brazil, the Rampage seems tailor-made for this market niche.

Ram has built a loyal following with its full-sized trucks. However, in an evolving automotive landscape where versatility and adaptability are key, the absence of a compact offering seems like a missed stride.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor 4×4. (Ford).

As the automotive industry charts a course towards electrification, sustainability, and evolving consumer preferences, it becomes imperative for brands like Ram to embrace change and seize opportunities that align with the shifting market demands.

In conclusion, the absence of the compact Rampage in North America presents a missed opportunity for Ram. Ford’s Maverick’s success underscores this market segment’s potential, a space where Ram’s expertise and heritage could have thrived. Perhaps it’s time for Ram to reconsider and bring the Rampage to the North American market, seizing the opportunity that currently eludes them.

Stellantis will produce a new electrified midsize pickup truck at its idled Belvidere Assembly Plant; however, that truck won’t make it into production until 2027.

Robert S. Miller

Robert S. Miller is a diehard Mopar enthusiast who lives and breathes all that is Mopar. The Michigander is not only the Editor for MoparInsiders.com, 5thGenRams.com, and HDRams.com but an automotive photographer. He is an avid fan of offshore powerboat racing, which he travels the country to take part in.

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One could argue that Stellantis is being mismanaged, especially if you factor in the North American brands. Would Dodge be better if the Hemi were updated and not discarded? Why in heavens sake is this Ram pickup not brought into US compliance and built for our market? Do I dare mention the cracks showing in Jeep or whatever you call what is going on with Chrysler, beyond incompetence and neglect. It’s not just North America, but you can not deny the Euro-Cenrtic thinking of Stellantis management that seems to reek of bias and the stubborn refusal to admit their timetable and plan for all electric vehicles, in spite of the realization by the competition, and that that politically radical corporate mandate is a fools errand to doom. A well managed company would have had these Brazilian Rams in showrooms already and new product from Dodge Jeep and Chrysler there too. It’s a New Year, but it’s 2022 at Stellantis. I believe that mismanaged is not just an opinion, but if you drop by a CDJR showroom near you, the facts for that opinion are evident and glaring.

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Remember the days when Chrysler took chances and was bold, not waiting until a market started falling off to get in, but leading the way? Caravan/Voyager, Dakota, Viper......

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i agree with the comments here, when Ram was still under Dodge it was a lot more interesting and innovative what are they waiting for? Ford will have 4 trucks to pick from while ram has 2 and the heavy duties have been around since 09 with only a basic mid cycle refresh, a new hood and tow mirrors won’t cut it and now they are dealing with another diesel candle.

The 2025 comming out are dropping the hemi and they don’t look any better than todays model most people won’t see the difference.

Miss managed is the only explanation that comes to mind and lets not forget the price increases over the last couple years, 105,000.00 plus here in canada for a loaded limited that is the same as my 2019.

Reminds me of the Damlier days and let’s not mention cerberus. europe doesn’t now how to read the American market very well, still using Chrysler as a cash cow

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PLEASE surprise all of us USA mid -size truck lovers with SOMETHING in 2024.

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Missed opportunity? I had seen the Rampage Prototypes running around the Chelsea (Michigan) Proving Grounds for the last eight years! Yes, FCA changed hands over that time but they had continued to use niche remarketing bringing out modified models to the 2011 Charger and Challengers but neglected the Rampage niche for all those years. Ford is enjoying stealth mode with the Maverick having no completion. I believe the Maverick market will be the thing of the future as an economic alternative to an expensive passenger car!

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