One-Of-None 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Sedan Goes To Auction Today

Custom Barracuda Is The Ultimate "What If" Plymouth Sedan...

Buckle up, car enthusiasts, because something truly extraordinary is revving its engine and at the Mecum Indy 2024 today. Prepare to feast your eyes on the world’s only four-door Plymouth Barracuda Sedan—a bespoke creation that defies convention and sparks awe at every turn.

Crafted by the late owner of restoration products supplier ECS, Dave Walden, this remarkable vehicle is more than just a car; it’s a testament to imagination and ingenuity. Inspired by a theorized idea of what the new-for-1970 E-body would look like as a four-door sedan, Walden embarked on a journey of automotive innovation.

Custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Four-Door Sedan. (Mecum).

The journey began with meticulous all-steel bodywork, much of it hand-fabricated to perfection. Walden reimagined the Barracuda’s roofline to accommodate the new door frame configuration, ensuring every detail was positioned with the precision of a factory design. The VIN, ending in 1000000, deviates from the norm, adding to the car’s mystique and uniqueness.

Displayed at the prestigious SEMA show in 2016, this masterpiece remained untouched by pavement until 2022—preserved for the world to behold its splendor. Under the hood roars an 5.6-liter (340 cubic-inch) 4-BBL LA V8 (E55) engine, boasting 275 horsepower. Paired with an A727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission, this Barracuda is equipped to conquer the road with ease.

Custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Four-Door Sedan. (Mecum).

But it’s not just about performance; it’s about attention to detail and comfort. The red exterior is complemented by a sleek black vinyl roof and a meticulously crafted black interior. Inside, you’ll find luxurious amenities like a bench seat with a center armrest, a tilt and telescopic steering wheel, an in-dash clock, and an AM radio—transporting you back to a golden era of automotive elegance.

Completed with chrome styled road wheels and redline tires, this Barracuda comes with a reproduction window sticker detailing its options and redelivery to Chrysler itself. A faux broadcast sheet adds to its allure, offering a glimpse into the car’s hypothetical assembly process at a Chrysler/Plymouth facility.

Custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Four-Door Sedan. (Mecum).

In the world of automotive craftsmanship, David Walden’s final project stands as a testament to passion and creativity. While the term “Plymouth Makes It” may not directly apply, this custom Barracuda is undeniably a remarkable rendering of Walden’s never-prototyped dream—a true automotive masterpiece.

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This thing is hideous. It looks way out of proportion. The roof line doesn't mate up to the rear portion. Front bench really?

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This thing is hideous. It looks way out of proportion. The roof line doesn't mate up to the rear portion. Front bench really?

Really not the point, it was to build part of history. It looks dead on the prototype.

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