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MoparInsiders’ Challenger HELLCAT Project Car: Off To A Bumpy Start!

Mechanical Troubles, Take Us Out Of The First Track Rental...

In the world of high-performance cars, challenges and setbacks are not uncommon. The MoparInsiders.com’s 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT project recently faced its fair share of hurdles during its first tune at Mission Raceway Park in Mission, British Columbia. Despite encountering issues with our Whipple 4.5 Supercharger, we were determined to overcome these setbacks and come back stronger than ever.

Long-Term 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT Project Car. (MoparInsiders).

Unfortunately, during the initial run, I had a less-than-optimal launch and wheel spin on the 1-2 shift. Despite thelousyd launch, our 2015 HELLCAT showcased its impressive power, recording a time of 9.82 seconds @ 143 mph, an mph that would be good for a low 9.50 or high 9.40. This initial performance highlighted the immense potential of the vehicle and left us eager to push further and achieve even greater results.

Determined to optimize the launch and maximize the car’s performance, we decided to turn up the power on the subsequent run and try a second-gear launch. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, as a bolt in the Whipple 4.5 Supercharger worked itself loose and eventually jammed into the rotor blades of the supercharger, locking it up. This, unfortunately, led to a setback that would take us out of racing for a few weeks. Such unforeseen mechanical issues can be frustrating, but they are not uncommon in modified high-performance vehicles.

Long-Term 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT Project Car. (MoparInsiders).

For those interested in a more comprehensive understanding of what transpired, the below videos showcase the incident in detail, along with a teaser of what’s to come. Despite the setbacks encountered at Mission Raceway Park, I remain undeterred. I figure I might as well use this experience as an opportunity to enhance the performance and reliability of my HELLCAT.

I have exciting plans underway to ensure the car comes back better than ever, ready to set some new personal bests. The new Whipple 3.8 Supercharger will be instrumental in helping us push this car further, and of course, we can’t forget the excellent tuning support and advice that we got from Mike at OST Dyno. Be sure to watch our series of recent videos of the situation and our resolve from our MoparInsiders.com YouTube series.

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Jared founded MoparInsiders and is a 41-year-old automotive enthusiast from Vancouver, British Columbia. He took an interest in cars at a very young age and has been interested in them ever since. His hobbies include photography, videography, drag racing, and auto detailing. He currently owns and drives a 2023 Audi RS6, a 2024 GMC Sierra, and a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

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