Millyard Viper V10 Continues To Set Speed Records

Viper-Powered Motorcycle Continues To Make Headlines 14 Years After Its Launch...

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of engineering and speed, few custom motorcycles come close to the awe-inspiring Millyard Viper V10 bike. A brainchild of engineering genius Allen Millyard, this one-of-a-kind motorcycle recently made headlines by setting new speed records at a UK Timing Association Event. Together with daring motorcycle TV presenter Henry Cole as his passenger, Millyard achieved an astounding 183.5 mph, securing the highest speed ever recorded for a motorcycle with two riders on board.

Millyard Viper V10 Motorcycle. (Allen Millyard YouTube channel).

The genesis of the awe-inspiring Viper V10 motorcycle dates back to 2009 when Millyard decided to take on Dodge’s Tomahawk, an ambitious concept featuring a Viper V10 engine. However, unlike the Tomahawk, Millyard’s creation was not a mere showpiece but a fully operational, road-worthy beast that has continued to captivate enthusiasts and spectators alike.

This remarkable machine’s heart roars a monstrous 8.0-liter (488 cubic-inch) VIPER V10 engine borrowed from the legendary Dodge Viper RT/10. Packing an astonishing 500 horsepower, this powerhouse is not for the faint-hearted. Custom-fitted to a specially designed frame, the V10 engine adds substantial weight to the bike, tipping the scales at a hefty 1,322 pounds (600 kilograms). This weight distribution presented a formidable challenge to Millyard during the speed record attempts.

“I’ve got that to manage, and then I’ve got someone on the back. It’s like having a top box on the back of your bike, full of cement,” Millyard revealed to Motorcycle News, describing the bike’s top-heavy nature with a passenger on board.

Millyard Viper V10 Motorcycle. (Allen Millyard YouTube channel).

Undeterred by the bike’s unusual proportions, Millyard and Cole took on the challenge with unwavering determination. The record-breaking runs required meticulous preparation and multiple practice runs to master the bike’s handling at such extraordinary speeds.

The speed records they achieved were nothing short of remarkable. The duo set the record for the highest speed attained by a motorcycle with two riders at 183.5 mph and secured the title for the fastest two-up standing mile at 178.6 mph. Demonstrating the bike’s reliability, the pair covered a total of 29 miles on the Yorkshire runway during their endeavor.

For Millyard, the Viper V10 bike is a testament to his engineering prowess and a culmination of over a decade of dedication. However, it’s not just about setting records. The V10 motorcycle boasts an impressive resume, holding the title of the fastest motorcycle powered by a production car engine, reaching a staggering 207 mph. With a blistering 0-60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds and covering a mile in 9.5 seconds, the Viper V10 stands shoulder to shoulder-with some of the most powerful production motorcycles on the market.

Millyard Viper V10 Motorcycle. (Allen Millyard YouTube channel).

While modern production bikes boast impressive performance figures, the Millyard Viper V10 remains a true engineering marvel and a testament to the thrill of pushing boundaries. With its iconic V10 engine wailing away, this custom motorcycle continues to awe and inspire, solidifying its place as one of the most legendary and talked-about motorcycles of all time.

Source: Motorcycle News

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It doesn't matter how much the bikes weighs, the faster it goes the more it's going to want to stand upright. I can't imagine riding it straight down the drag strip at speed was a terrible challenge, standing it up and getting going should be the hardest part.

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