Meet Storyteller Overland’s Ram 5500-Based Hilt Overlanding Camper

Carbon Fiber and Kevlar® Reinforced Camper Shell...

In a departure from its renowned Overland lineup, Alabama-based camper manufacturer Storyteller Overland introduces the Hilt, a 27-foot-long, heavy-duty camper truck designed for unparalleled off-the-grid experiences. This exceptional vehicle is built on the formidable foundation of a 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel I6-powered Ram 5500 Limited Chassis Cab, promising unrivaled luxury and performance.

Ram 5500 Limited-Based Storyteller Overland Hilt Camper. (Storyteller Overland).

The Hilt offers distinctive design elements, including a striking row of round auxiliary lights adorning the front alcove. This signature feature, reminiscent of its predecessors, now boasts an array of five KC HiLites, forming part of an impressive 360-degree KC lighting system that encircles the roof’s entire perimeter.

Under the hood, the Ram 5500 Limited Chassis Cab wields a formidable 360 horsepower Cummins, generating up to 800 lb.-ft. (1,085 Nm) of torque for unmatched off-road prowess. A cutting-edge LiquidSpring smart hydraulic suspension system, with a rapid 1,000 adjustments per second, optimizes damping and ride height, providing peerless performance. With 41-inch multipurpose tires on beadlock wheels, the truck boasts an impressive 10.5 inches of ground clearance, surging to 22 inches at the front.

Ram 5500 Limited-Based Storyteller Overland Hilt Camper. (Storyteller Overland).

The living module of the Hilt showcases advanced construction techniques, employing a vacuum-infused resin process reinforced with Carbon and Kevlar for superior durability. Two inches (5 cm) of closed-cell foam insulation ensure a comfortable interior regardless of external conditions. A specially engineered “Zero Torsion” subframe isolates chassis movement, alleviating stress on the motorhome.

The Hilt exudes a clean, neutral ambiance with a rear-lounge floor plan. A spacious wraparound sofa accommodates four to five occupants around the central dining table, effortlessly transforming into a generous 60-inch x 78-inch (152 x 198 cm) bed at night.

Off-grid readiness is a cornerstone of the Hilt’s design. A substantial 16.8-kWh lithium battery bank, bolstered by two 3,000-watt inverters, efficiently distributes electrical power throughout the motorhome. A 1,325-watt solar charging system harnesses energy from the sun, replenishing the batteries, while a user-friendly Mission Control screen provides intuitive system monitoring and control.

The well-appointed kitchen on the passenger side maximizes the electrical system’s capabilities, featuring a dual-burner induction cooktop, large fridge/freezer, stainless steel convection oven, microwave, and air fryer. A Guzzle H2O water purification system ensures constant clean, potable water.

Ram 5500 Limited-Based Storyteller Overland Hilt Camper. (Storyteller Overland).

Convenience reigns with a wet bathroom conveniently located beneath the alcove double bed, equipped with a shower, flushable cassette toilet, sink, exhaust fan, mirror, and ample storage. A retractable clothesline caters to drying wet clothing.

The Hilt boasts an impressive capacity of 120 gallons of fresh water and 50 gallons of gray water. A substantial 52-gallon diesel tank guarantees ample fuel for extended expeditions. A 10K-BTU hydronic heating system and a 15K-BTU air conditioner offer all-season climate control for year-round comfort.

Ram 5500 Limited-Based Storyteller Overland Hilt Camper. (Storyteller Overland).

The Hilt makes its debut with a “very limited introductory” price of around $400,000 USD, with Storyteller emphasizing that pricing will rise after the initial launch models sell out. While this figure may raise eyebrows, it aligns with the unique expectations of this discerning market.

In crafting the Hilt, Storyteller Overland has not merely produced a camper truck but a mobile haven for adventurers seeking the pinnacle of off-grid living. With its uncompromising performance, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful design, the Hilt is poised to redefine the boundaries of exploration and how we experience the great outdoors.

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