Jeep® Teases New Advanced AI and Autonomous Off-Road Driving Technology

Two Grand Cherokee 4xe Models Equipped With Self-Driving Capability Tackle Moab...

In conjunction with National Autonomous Vehicle Day in America, the Jeep® brand has given enthusiasts and off-road adventurers a glimpse into the future of advanced off-road driving technology. Led by Neda Cvijetic, Head of AI & Autonomous Driving at Stellantis, a dedicated team put the latest automated off-road driving technology prototypes to the test in Moab, Utah, exclusively developed for the Jeep brand.

Jeep® Engineers Test New Self-Driving AI in Moab, Utah. (Jeep).

Installed in two electrified Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models, this cutting-edge AI and autonomous off-road driving technology aim to enhance the experiences of seasoned off-roaders and newcomers alike. Moreover, it will assist Jeep SUV owners in conquering challenging everyday driving conditions. By combining their expertise in off-road electrification and the development of automated off-road driving technology, the Jeep brand is cementing its position as a leader in both areas.

Christian Meunier, Jeep CEO, expressed his excitement about the potential of these advancements: “In the same way that our 4xe electrification takes Jeep brand’s off-road capability to new heights, these advanced off-road driving systems will help more customers in more countries around the world join and enjoy the adventure. These features and technology will have real-life applications on and off the trail in a wide range of driving conditions.”

Jeep’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by its continuous efforts to push the boundaries of what’s possible off the beaten path. By leveraging AI and autonomous technologies, Jeep is empowering drivers to tackle challenging terrains with confidence and safety. The forthcoming video, set to be released this summer, will showcase the future generation of the brand’s advanced autonomous off-road driving technology.

Jeep® Engineers Test New Self-Driving AI in Moab, Utah. (Jeep).

With the combination of advanced off-road driving systems and their expanding range of 4xe SUVs, the Jeep brand is determined to make off-roading accessible to a broader audience while maintaining its dedication to delivering thrilling and capable vehicles. Whether traversing rocky trails or navigating through urban jungles, Jeep’s AI and autonomous off-road driving technology promise toJeep’sutionize how people experience their vehicles and explore the great outdoors.

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