Jeep® Commander (H1) Awarded As “Best-Rated Large SUV” In Resale Value Study!

Has a 6.1% Appreciate Rate, After A Year Of Use...

The Jeep® Commander (H1) has just expanded its trophy case even further. With a 6.1% appreciation rate, after a year of use, the model was the “Best-Rated Large SUV” in the ninth edition of the Maior Valor de Revenda Seal – Autos, by Agência Autoinforme, in partnership with Textofinal de Comunicação. 

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Although the certification is in its ninth edition, the vehicle depreciation study has been carried out for 22 years by Autoinforme. The methodology used in the research covers market data from August this year compared to the prices charged from 0 kilometers in September 2021. Thus, 119 models were evaluated in 18 categories. The winners received the trophies on October 14th, in a ceremony that took place in São Paulo. 

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

The Greater Resale Value Seal certifies the cars, motorcycles, and trucks that have lost less value at the time of resale. The Vehicle Depreciation Study, the basis of the Greater Resale Value Certification, was created with the objective of giving the consumer a more precise orientation on the resale value of the vehicle and to help them invest their money in a more rational way. 

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

Launched in August 2021, the Commander grabs the award for the first time available. In fact, the Commander is currently the best-selling vehicle in its segment, with 33.5% of the market share. In the last couple of months, the Commander continues to brake its own records. In August, it had its best month for sales yet, followed by taking the biggest market share in the D-SUV segment in September.

2022 Jeep® Commander Limited T380 4×4 AT9. (Jeep).

As the first Jeep developed in Brazil, the Commander was born with the purpose of raising the level of sophistication of the brand’s presence in the Brazilian market. Produced at the Stellantis Goiana Automotive Complex (PE), it is also exported to other Latin American countries.


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