Jeep®-Branded ADDAX™ Overland Trailer Wins Global Media Award At SEMA!

New Overlanding Trailer Is Drawing A Lot Of Attention...

The Jeep®-branded Edition by ADDAX™ Overland Trailer was recognized with a 2022 Global Media Award this week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for its new Overlanding trailer co-launch.

The Jeep® Branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer. (ADDAX Overland).

“We are thrilled that the Jeep-branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer has been recognized as a global game changer at SEMA,” said ADDAX CEO Kirk Jowers. “We look forward to continuing to engage with the Jeep brand in engineering more award-winning Overlanding products that appeal to the brand’s international community.”
“There are hundreds of aftermarket innovations on the SEMA Show floor this week, and from them all, we’re proud that the Jeep-branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer is a 2022 SEMA Global Media Award winner because it’s authentic to the Jeep brand,” said Jim Morrison, Senior Vice President & Head of Jeep North America. “Our Jeep enthusiasts are always looking to go further and do more, and this award-winning Overlanding trailer will allow them to go further and stay longer as they continue to push the boundaries of adventure.”

The Jeep® Branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer. (ADDAX Overland).

Inspired by the U.S. military’s all-but-indestructible surveillance trailers and engineered by the team that set a world land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Jeep-branded Edition has set the new benchmark for off-road Overlanding performance, capability, and comfort.
Boasting an unprecedented dry weight of just 850 lbs., Jeep adventure-seekers can now tow a 1,200 lbs. payload up previously unfathomable terrain, all without compromising a Jeep brand vehicle’s signature stability and efficiency. The Jeep-branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer’s high-strength, lightweight engineering makes it the perfect companion for technical rock climbers and beginner off-roaders alike. Thanks to the Jeep-branded Edition’s foldable tongue and compact 5-foot x 6-foot dimensions, even those adventurers with limited garage space can always be ready to get off the grid.

The Jeep® Branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer. (ADDAX Overland).

The Jeep-branded Edition by ADDAX ​Overland Trailer’s independent torsion axle trailer suspension system provides an aggressive 17 inches of ground clearance for maximum maneuverability, control, and comfort. The 3/16-inch military-grade steel chassis and 14-gauge steel body are seamlessly bent, instead of welded, to deliver industry-leading durability.
The Jeep-branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer comes standard with:

  • robust 35 cubic feet of storage
  • four 8,000-pound stabilizing corner jacks
  • foldable tongue
  • articulating hitch
  • rear receiver hitch
  • heavy-duty, custom rack for endless mounting possibilities 

The SEMA Global Media Awards (GMA) Program recognizes those companies that manufacture specialty equipment products and accessories that would have mass appeal to consumers in countries outside the United States. The products are voted on by a prestigious group of international journalists who serve as judges. 

The Jeep® Branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer. (ADDAX Overland).

“Vehicle customization and personalization has been growing worldwide,” said Linda Spencer, SEMA director of international and government relations. “The GMA program taps top international media experts to weigh in on which new products are likely to succeed in their home markets. The global automotive specialty-equipment market is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby. This passion can be found not only throughout the United States but also in countless spots around the globe including in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Melbourne, Australia; and Stockholm, Sweden.”
This year’s program included about 11 judges from seven countries. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 2,000 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products that they felt would resonate and appeal most to consumers in their home countries.

The Jeep® Branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer. (ADDAX Overland).

The Jeep-branded Edition by ADDAX Overland Trailer was also selected as a “Featured Product” in SEMA’s highly coveted New Product Showcase.

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