HEMI® Day – Reflecting on the 2005 “What Can You HEMI?” Contest

From A Snowblower To A Zamboni, This 20-Year Contest Was The High-Point Of The Gen3 HEMI®...

As Mopar enthusiasts celebrate HEMI® Day (April 26th), it’s an opportune moment to reminisce about the time when Chrysler Group embraced the iconic Gen3 HEMI engine by launching the innovative “What Can You HEMI®?” contest back in 2005. This contest captured the imagination of enthusiasts across the U.S. and Canada, inviting them to dream up unique applications for the legendary HEMI powerplant.

Let’s stroll down memory lane and revisit the five captivating finalist designs showcasing the versatility and power of the Gen3 HEMI.

The HEMI® Snowblower. (Chrysler Group).

HEMI® Snowblower: Imagine a snowblower armed with the heart of a 345 horsepower and 375 lb.-ft. of torque, 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine. Tim Flucht from Belleville, Mich., brought this concept to life, incorporating a custom precision drive shaft and a wrist tether for quick shut-off. This beast of a snowblower promised to clear driveways and sidewalks faster than ever before, making winter chores a breeze.

HEMI®-Go-Round. (Chrysler Group).

HEMI®-Go-Round: Jonathan Brzon from Topeka, Kan., unleashed his creativity with the HEMI®-Go-Round, a thrilling spin on the classic carousel. Powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI engine, this carousel boasted enough power to spin riders around a 22-foot circumference at a maximum speed of 8 rpm, doubling the excitement of a traditional carousel ride.

HEMI® Trike. (Chrysler Group).

HEMI® Trike: Marcus Braun from Vancouver, B.C., took inspiration from childhood memories to create the HEMI® Trike, a larger-than-life adaptation of a beloved toy. With a custom 4-foot wheel and Goodyear slicks for stability, this trike was propelled by a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine, offering a thrilling ride that combined nostalgia with modern power.

HEMI® on Ice. (Chrysler Group).

HEMI® on Ice: Dan Burg from Lindenhurst, Ill., reimagined the traditional ice resurfacer by swapping its propane-powered engine for a high-performance HEMI powerplant. Equipped with Mopar performance headers and a Borla exhaust system, this ice resurfacer was transformed into a powerhouse with a Dodge Viper seat for the operator.

HEMI® Shredder. (Chrysler Group).

HEMI® Shredder: Randy Fredner from Earlysville, Va., devised an industrial-strength shredder capable of tearing through anything in its path. From paper to CDs to phone books, the HEMI® Shredder embodied raw power and efficiency, showcasing the versatility of the legendary HEMI engine beyond traditional automotive applications.

Among these innovative designs, Marcus Braun’s HEMI® Trike emerged as the grand prize winner, captivating the judges with its blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge engineering. Braun’s creation embodied the spirit of the contest, demonstrating the endless possibilities of harnessing HEMI power in unconventional ways.

The 2005 “What Can You HEMI®?” contest marked a memorable chapter in the legacy of the Gen3 HEMI engine. At the time, Chrysler Group had sold 500,000 Gen3 HEMI engines across its Chrysler, Jeep®, and Dodge lineups, with a remarkable take rate of 44%. This contest not only celebrated the iconic powerplant but also fueled the imagination of automotive enthusiasts, proving that with a HEMI engine, anything was possible.

What Can You HEMI®? Designs Image Gallery:

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